DocFortress Review 2022: Read Before Buying

Whatever value a person has, he or does not play with it. This is why you have to make sure you protect things that are very important to you, especially those things that are irreplaceable. Some documents in this case. Some values can be replaced why some if lost can never be replaced again. This many a time is not as a result of careless handling of those things but simply because there is no safe way of protecting them. Our important documents are some of those valuables that if lost, there will never be any way we can recover them. Fire is one of the things that can make us in such a condition but in this article I will be introducing you to a fire-proof bag where you can easily store all your valuable documents inside. The name is Doc Fortress.

Before I get into reviewing Doc Fortress, let me first let you know what fire can do to your irreplaceable documents. Fire has put so many people in unresolvable conditions where people happened to lose all their important documents. I could remember vividly how a gas cylinder exploded in my neighborhood and burnt down everything they had to ashes without recovering a single thing from the fire explosion. The fire caused some of them to lose their important documents simply because there was nothing to protect them. If they had Doc Fortress bags with their documents stored inside, they wouldn’t have lost any of them. 

Are you still one of those worrying about their  important documents being lost as a result of fire or water? You do not have to worry again. The solution has come. The long awaited solution to put an end to an unending pain and sorrow has finally come. The answer is Doc Fortress. I am going to take you through everything you need to know about Doc Fortress and how it has come to put an end to losing our most important documents as a result of fire or water. 

What is Doc Fortress?

I know by now you may be asking what Doc Fortress is all about that can put an end to losing our most important documents. You are not alone in this case, that was how I also asked before I was introduced properly to Doc Fortress. Currently, Doc Fortress is the best fire-resistance  document folder available. How does it sound? Yes, Doc Fortress is a fire-proof folder made to contain documents, jewelries and even your laptop against any kind of fire outbreak be it in your home, your working place and even your office. Gone are the days when you had to worry about losing your important documents to fire or water, Doc Fortress is here to protect you all round. Doc Fortress is made of the highest quality materials and it is large enough to contain your most valuable possessions with 15” x 11” / 38 x 28cm of size. 

Going by the type of harm fire has caused to so many people including myself, I think this is the lasting solution to them. Everyone needs safety and that is one of the reasons why we human beings will keep doing anything possible to stay safe and to also keep our possessions safe. This thought will take us to knowing why this product was created to put an end to losing our most important possessions (documents).

One thing you should know about documents is that most of them are irreplaceable if lost. It is not like other properties we have in our houses or offices where we can easily replace them if anything happens to them. This is why if you carefully think about this product you will understand that there is no better time than now. We have a secure bag that can protect our documents.

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Why was Doc Fortress made?

In the first place, you need to ask yourself why Doc Fortress was produced. What gave such great inspiration to produce this document protector? 

In 2018, there was a wildfire in California that lasted for more than three good months. The Mendocino Complex fire consisted of two wildfires from River fire and Ranch fire. The fire destroyed homes, companies and businesses. Lake, Mendocino, Colusa and Genn Counties were parts of California where the fire burned. As a result of that fire, people lost not only their homes, companies and businesses but also important documents like contracts, proofs of purchases, titles, identification, family heirlooms, legal documents and many more which could not be recovered even up to date. Makers of Doc Fortress saw the need to prevent people from such experience again and decided to look for a way to produce what can protect people’s documents from any kind of damage now and in the future. This is how this indestructible product was borned. 

Features of Doc Fortress

Doc Fortress is a smart way of protecting all your irreplaceable documents from fire no matter the kind of fire it is. The good thing about this product is that you do not have to be afraid of it not containing all your documents, the size of the bad ok enough which can be kept anywhere without the fear of fire penetrating inside of it. You are highly covered. One special thing about this product is that your laptop is protected, just put your laptop inside and zip up then you are done to have them protected. Now let me explain more features of this product so you can see how powerful this indestructible product is.

  • Made of high and best quality materials: When I say that this product can survive in any kind of fire, you are supposed to know that such a product is made of the best materials you can ever find in the field. Putting together the level of quality materials used in producing Doc Fortress, it is now my responsibility to tell you that this product is worth it. Best part of Doc Fortress is that the zipper, velcro closing, binding and thread are all fire retardant. Yes, this is true because I know that most of you may be asking if the zipper is also fire resistant. Not only that the zipper is fireproof but the beautiful design allows it to properly zip up without stress. Even the binding and thread are both fire resistant. None is left untouched. All this is to ensure that fire does not penetrate inside the bag thereby destroying your documents. Everything is safe.
  • It comes with no glass fibres: One thing about other competitors is that their bags come with a raw white fiberglass. The effect of such bags is that they cause skin irritation. Using such products puts your health at risk which I will never advise anyone to go for such type of product.  When it comes to Doc Fortress, the case is very different. Doc Fortress bags are coated to reduce irritation, so do not have to be afraid or put your health at risk as a result of fiberglass. You don’t need gloves before you can use this bag. The manufacturers put your safety at heart before producing this bag for you. Most of them have suffered from fire outbreaks before where they lost most of their important documents in their offices and homes and that is why they know what they want for everyone. They know what will keep everyone safe. So there is no need to be afraid of irritation while using Doc Fortress.
  • Protection from all kinds of fire: Every company has what makes them unique. What they are known for. What they can do and why people are going for their products. This is very true but the thing is, some companies are more unique than others. When I talk about uniqueness, you should understand that although some companies share some qualities with others, few have superior uniqueness than the rest you can think of in the market. This is what sets them apart. This is what gives them their unique edge in the market. Doc Fortress has this uniqueness. Yes, the unique design of the bag protects your documents and other valuables from fire and smoke damage. Even smoke can damage your documents but this bag also protects smoke from penetrating inside thereby causing damage to your documents. You are not only protected from fire and smoke but you are also protected from water damage. Remember that anything smoke can penetrate, water can also penetrate in such things too. The waterproof surface material also protects your documents against water damage. Doc Fortress is completely water resistant
  • It comes with a perfect size: Are you worried about the size of Doc Fortress? Are you thinking whether it can contain your documents? I have good news for you. You don’t have to worry. The size of the bag is big! When I say that the size of the bag is big, I mean that it can contain your documents and there is no need to panic. With the size of 15″ x 11″ (38 cm x 28 cm), it holds legal & A4 size documents also. It does not end there, it can also contain your jewelry and ID cards. What more can I explain, yes, it can even fit  your tablets and small laptops as well. Can you now see how this bag is perfectly made for you, for me and for everyone? I think I have cleared your doubts. Many people at first did not know that this bag can protect their laptops, tablets and even their costly jewelry. They were only focusing on just documents but just as I told you that every company has what makes them unique, you can now imagine the unique production of this bag which can comfortably protect your laptops, tablets and jewelry from fire and water. This is more than perfect.
  • It is very affordable: Two basic things to consider while going for any product is; one, quality while number two is the price. Yes, you should first of all look for the quality, if you are ok with the quality,then what is the price. Is the price affordable? If yes, there is nothing again to stop you from going for such a product. Here with Doc Fortress, you have the best quality and at the same time very affordable. It is not like every other expensive, large and clunky fire resistant safes, Doc Fortress fire resistant bags are not expensive and it can easily be stored anywhere in our homes and offices even in our cars while driving. 
  • The usage is very simple: Everyone can use this bag. It does not require a special hand to use the bag. It does not require a professional hand at all, in fact it does not require anyone to teach you how to use the bag. All you have to do is to simply insert all your valuables into the bag. That’s all, then you secure the convenient extra-wide closure Finish! To ensure greatest protection, just store the bag with your valuables inside in a lower level of your home or office, then you can be rest assured that all your valuables are safe no matter the fire, the smoke and even the water.

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Benefits of Doc Fortress

  • Protect your valuable documents: By using Doc Fortress, you enjoy the benefit of not losing any valuable documents you have. Some of you who have lost their valuable documents will not want such to repeat itself again and that is why you need Doc Fortress to ensure that all your valuable documents are protected.
  • Money back guarantee: In a situation whereby you are not satisfied with the bag, you can get your money back. Are you shocked? You should not be, the company understands that there is no way everyone can speak well of you and that is why they made provision for those who fall in this category to get their money back. But I can confirm that all their customers are saying good things about Doc Fortress and you will not be the first to start it because this product will satisfy your needs and protect your valuables against any future disaster.
  • Say goodbye to irritation: The bag is designed to make sure that you don’t suffer from any kind of health issue while using it. It is very safe for everyone. The bag is coated to reduce irritation. You do not need gloves to use the bag.
  • Sizeable design: The beautiful thing about this product is that the size can contain a lot and you don’t have to worry about losing anything as a result of the small size, no, it is not like that, the bag can as well contain your photographs.
  • No extra charge or expenses required to use Doc Fortress: One good thing about Doc Fortress is that you do not need to spend anything again when you have made purchases. All you have to do to keep it safe is to clean it from time to time just to keep it clean.
  • It is also water resistant: While Doc Fortress is fire resistant, you don’t have to buy any other materials or bags that will protect your valuables against water. You are having two in one product, in fact it is three in one product because it protects your documents against fire, it protects your documents against smoke and lastly it protects your documents against water.

Who Needs Doc Fortress?

If you take for example what happened in California in 2018 where people lost their valuable documents, their homes, offices and even their businesses, you will understand that human beings need protection. Live and property protection. Who will provide this protection for us? It is our own duty to protect ourselves first and that is why we all need this bag to protect our valuables. Not just only what happened in California but you should also think about your own experience on how you lost your valuables due to lack of protection. This is why everyone needs Doc Fortress.

  • Families need Doc Fortress: Every family needs this bag to store all their valuable documents. If one is not enough, they should get as many as possible and then store all their valuable documents inside.
  • Companies need Doc Fortress: Even companies need Doc Fortress to secure most of their important documents against any unprepared disaster.
  • Students need Doc Fortress: Every student is supposed to have Doc Fortress where he or she stores every of their school documents for safety.
  • Churches and Mosques need Doc Fortress: Every Churches and Mosques need Doc Fortress to store every valuable document for them to be safe.
  • Even  workers need Doc Fortress: Yes they need to protect their files very well because of any issue that may come up.
  • Others include hospital, bachelor, commercial drivers, etc. In fact we all need Doc Fortress.

What makes Doc Fortress Special and why choose Doc Fortress?

I know very well every reasonable human being will like to go for the best and affordable product in the market. This is why you should not make the mistake of going for any other product if not Doc Fortress. This is why Doc Fortress is special and why you should make it your best choice;

  • Heavy duty protection: This product is made from the best grade fiberglass both in the inside and on the out as well so don’t have to worry about anything. This is why the bag provides the highest protection against fire, smoke and even water.
  • Protects your valuables from superior fire: Doc Fortress can withstand the highest of temperatures. So fear not, Doc Fortress got you covered.
  • Comes in large size: The size of this bag can easily accommodate legal & A4 size documents and numerous other valuables including your laptop.
  • It has 3 good layer protections: The bag uses the strongest 3 layer constructions to ensure maximum fire protection.
  • Money back guarantee: Just as I said before, if you are not satisfied with the product, you can simply return the bag for a complete refund of your money.
  • You can store it anymore: The bag is flexible enough that you can fold it into tight spaces and also lies flat which makes it easy to be stored anywhere in your homes, schools, churches and Mosques and offices.

How much does Doc Fortress cost?

The good news I have for you is that the company is currently running a promo where the bag is sold at a 60% discount when you buy 5 pieces of Doc Fortress. 56% discount for 3 pieces and 33% discount when you buy only 1 piece. All on the official website. To get the official website, follow the link.

5 pieces of Doc Fortress cost only $120.

3 pieces of Doc Fortress cost only $80.

1 piece of Doc Fortress cost only $40.

All purchases come with a 30 days money back guarantee.

How do I use Doc Fortress?

You do not need a professional in order to use Doc Fortress. All you have to do is make your purchase, put all your valuables inside the bag zip up. That is all.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the bag truly fire resistant?

Yes the bag is truly a fire resistant bag where you don’t have to worry about fire penetrating inside. Please I want you to be very careful about other products that may be saying that their bags are fire resistant. There is no other bag in the market which is fire resistant apart from Doc Fortress fire resistant bag. Why I have to sound this warning is that some fake products in the market may be promising all kinds of benefits whenever you buy their products only for you to come back home and start regretting.

Please never waste your money on any bag in the market which may be promising you unfulfilled benefits. Doc Fortress fire resistant bag is one of a kind, first of its kind which gives you benefits you desire, all in one fire, smoke and water resistant bag. The Doc Fortress bag will protect your valuables against fire that is contained within a reasonable amount of time. The bag is a very affordable and convenient alternative to owning a large, heavy fire resistant safe, which is still not 100% fireproof.

Has there been any test of the bag for fire resistance? 

Without any form of doubt, I know that this will be the first thing that will come into your mind if at all there has been any test conducted at all to see if actually the bag is fire resistant as said by the manufacturers. The answer to this question is “yes”.

Several tests have been conducted on the bag to know if it can actually withstand fire but the good news is that of all the tests conducted, it did not fail any. The bag has also been tested by an independent lab to two different North American fire standards. Can you imagine this? All tests passed. This is more than just a bag but what everyone needs to have because if such an independent lab in North America can test and confirm that truly this bag can withstand any fire, then you should know how strong and reliable this bag is. I know by now your doubt has been cleared.

I heard that such a bag can cause severe skin irritation. What is the case of the Doc Fortress bag?

It is true that competitive bags are made from raw white fiberglass, which can cause severe skin irritation just as you said but Doc Fortress bags are coated to reduce such irritations. No gloves are actually needed. This is to show you that the company took your safety at heart while producing this bag. 

Is the bag made for special people of special class? 

The answer to your question is “No”. The bag is made for everybody no matter your class, your location and even your age. This is because everyone has what is very important to them which they will not want to lose. So the bag is produced for any special class region or age. The bag is produced to save everyone no matter where you are.

What amount of documents can the bag contain? 

The bag can hold a lot of documents.  With a big 11.2 inches x 15 inches (28 cm x 38 cm) in size. It does not really have much depth because the bag lies flat and it keeps expanding as items are placed inside the bag. Ok, let me put it in this form, the bag can easily fit an entire package off 500 sheets of letter sized (8 ½ inches * 11 inches) paper.

Is shipping available for every country?

Yes! The company ships from their shipping center in LA to all the countries in the world. All you have to do is to identify your address properly and they deliver the bag to you no matter your country in the world.

Do they charge another fee for shipping?

No, there is no special fee for shipping. The shipping is totally free.

If I order the bag, will it take too long for me to get the bag delivered to me?

It does not take more than 14 to 20 days for your Doc Fortress to be shipped.

What customers are saying about Doc Fortress Bag.

I have been looking for a lasting solution to protect my documents but finally got a Doc Fortress bag. The bag is more than what they say it does… Thanks to the manufacturers. John Bill

I got this bag just to test it myself to see if it can withstand fire. I put some papers inside and then made a fire around it. To my great surprise, nothing happened to the bag and I’m still using it now. I highly recommend this bag for everyone. Peters.

I have found my safety. This is the best of every bag you can have. Just want to say thank you.   Yusuf.

The  is actually made of high quality materials, the inside gives you space to store multiple documents. Just love this bag. Henry Adams.


I highly recommend everyone to go for Doc Fortress bags due to its quality and affordability.

Conclusion Of DocFortress Review.

  • I know that every human being on earth wants security and safety of our most important properties. Many a time ways of protecting what we value so much becomes a very big problem not because we don’t have money to make payment for them to be protected but because there is no product in the market which can do the work for us. Going through Doc Fortress fire resistant bags, I was convinced that this is what we all need in order for us to secure our irreplaceable documents. Doc Fortress fire resistant bags are simply the best. Go for it!

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